7 Ways to Spot a Potential Scholarship Girl

Posted: 31st January 2021

Eaton House The Manor Girl’s School Headmaster Mr Oliver Snowball offers his advice on 7 ways to spot a girl with scholarship potential:

1.      They are prepared to go the extra mile: There is a sense from most scholars that they are determined, highly self-disciplined individuals who are prepared to work hard over a prolonged period of time.

2.      They possess a strong desire to improve: They love an opportunity to grapple with one challenge after the next and quickly learn from their mistakes.

3.      They love to practise: Whether it be for the practical areas of Sport, Music, Art and Drama, or the purely academic category, a scholar will not only be wanting to practise a skill or knowledge set for hour after hour but will use that time effectively

4.      They want to know more: A scholar will also be keen to explore their subject beyond what is simply provided in school.

5.      They often score 130+: When doing cognitive ability tests which generate standardised scores, a potential academic scholar will often be gaining scores in excess of 130.

6.      They set the bar high: Senior schools may well be looking for a candidate to have achieved Grade 5 with at least one instrument to put them in with a chance of securing a Music scholarship, and to be competing at county or regional standard for a Sports scholarship. In Drama and Art, versatility, originality and audition pieces/portfolios prepared to a highly sophisticated standard will always help a girl stand out. Scholars might also read extensively, attend external clubs and visit a variety of events, all of which are somehow linked to their area of ever-growing expertise.

7.      They have a passion: A scholar often has that passion to live, eat and breathe something.  Sometimes this might manifest itself through an exuberant, confident personality but by no means always. The sparkle, however, is always there!

Eaton House The Manor Girls received 10 scholarships and an exhibition in 2020, including academic scholarships to Wycombe Abbey, JAGS, Alleyn’s School and St Mary’s Ascot and 44 scholarships from 2017-2020 from a non-selective entry. For more details on Eaton House Schools, contact Miss Sam Feilding, Head of Admissions, on 020 3917 5050.

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