I can complete a computer program.

Our interactive whiteboards are used to reinforce learning in the classroom.

Children use the board to trace over the new sound of the week, and they love to see 'rainbow writing', where each child chooses a different colour to trace one letter. It is even more exciting when we press the magic printer button and we can see our work on paper.

The interactive whiteboard is used for number work. We have many programs that facilitate every aspect of learning. For example, children can count, then drag and drop the right amount of cakes into teddy's tummy.

We also have child-led programs where children can put the correct shape in the sorting bucket and check the answer at the end. Children take photographs on the nursery camera and enjoy looking at them on the interactive whiteboard and then printing them out for our class display.

Holding the interactive whiteboard pen helps with fine motor skills and taking turns helps improve sharing skills.