I can make a shape out of playdough.

Children love to explore and, oftentimes, the messier the better!

Playdough allows children to gain strength and dexterity in their hands while being creative at the same time. We have a supply of playdough with different colours and we add scents and glitter to make it even more interesting.

Very often children are involved in making playdough themselves. This is a fantastic cross-curricular activity, measuring the ingredients and mixing them together. The maths in weighing and measuring is a wonderful opportunity for new vocabulary to be explored. Is there more or less? Is it heavy or light? What does it feel like? Our children love taking the playdough home to share it with their family.

Along with playdough, we have paint, clay, stickers, glue, tissue paper, card, cellophane and glitter to name but a few. The nursery children can lead creative projects and truly make their mark on our art wall.