Wow, I can write my name!

Every child at Eaton House Belgravia nursery is given the opportunity to do 'mark making'.

Children can write their name in glitter, sand and shaving foam. They can also make letters using playdough and clay. The children are encouraged to recognise their name as soon as they start and we put a lot of emphasis on linking spoken words to writing, for example, in our weekly news books.

The nursery children talk about their weekend news and we write a sentence that they trace over. There is yellow writing to trace and a red dot to start. Children have targets to start on the red dot and grip when development allows by using a tripod pencil. Everyone is encouraged to help write labels for the displays and for the toy boxes.

Other ways to help improve writing include strengthening exercises, such as using tweezers to pick up pasta or raisins, rolling and squeezing playdough and vertical mark making on a board. This allows the correct position for the hand, wrist, and arm. Children love to cut – which helps too, and we find that the cutting card or paper plates are easier to start with.