The curriculum is designed to offer boys a breadth of experience and prepare them to the highest academic standards through their individual learning plan, ready for their next school.

It is also designed to support the inquisitive learning style of boys. This ensures that every boy develops his thirst for knowledge while he is at Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep.

We have a varied and exciting timetable. The list of subjects covered is: composition, comprehension, English, French, grammar, ICT, reading, mathematics, music, non-verbal reasoning, science, spelling, phonics, PHSEE, RS, verbal reasoning. The boys also enjoy drama, games, art, educational trips and much more.

With such a busy and challenging schedule there is never a dull moment at Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep. Homework is set daily for all pupils and the form tutors can give advice about how to support each boy in his work. This is because we have an individualised and unique approach to learning. With differentiated work, the boys are all boosted according to their needs. Faster-paced learners can be challenged with a greater workload and those who need help in a topic can be given it when required.