Learning Enrichment

The Learning Enrichment department provides extra support for boys so that they can reach their academic potential.

The members of the department see students on a one-to-one or small group basis to work on specific issues, liaising fully with class teachers to ensure maximum progress. Outside specialists may be called upon to provide a detailed assessment if necessary and these can include speech and language therapists, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, an educational psychologist and a mathematics specialist.

School work forms the bulk of the curriculum and it is always differentiated according to ability and need with individual learning plans. However, a number of boys may require some extra one-to-one sessions to support their learning and development. This is often referred to as coaching or tutoring. Handled and conducted in the appropriate manner it can be of great benefit. There is no formal policy on when learning enrichment may be required. However, it is suggested that if the school or parents feel that there is a need for 'something extra' that this is discussed in house first. Ideally, parents will approach the boy's form teacher in the first instance.

Benefits of a flexible approach

The school encourages flexibility and open communication on what any individual pupil's learning enrichment needs may be. As the examinations that the boys sit at 7+ and 8+ require a wide variety of literacy, numeracy and analytical skills, it follows that even a boy who is, for example, gifted at mathematics, might need support in English writing and comprehension. Viewed in this light, learning enrichment is a sensible course of action taken to improve a boy's skill set and nothing for parents to be concerned about. Rather, the extra attention should be embraced. This means acknowledging areas where some improvement might be needed in an honest and constructive way.

The reports provided to parents every two weeks in the run-up to exams indicate the average percentage mark in each subject and help to clarify areas where boys might benefit from extra support. However, other kinds of learning challenges can sometimes be identified earlier in the educational process and Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep will always respond positively and proactively if this happens.

Learning enrichment facilities

Learning enrichment takes place in a light and bright room with large windows in the main school, where both teacher and pupil can fully concentrate and commit to solving any problems in a quiet and systematic way. Pupils are able to go at their own pace and receive gentle encouragement in solving specific problems, with teachers trained to handle a range of enrichment issues. Our aim is to make a timetabled visit to the Enrichment department pleasant and productive. Many Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep boys have received help in this way and it is an accepted part of school culture.

The Good Schools Guide, 2017, says: "The learning enrichment department is well established and uses imaginative ways to provide extra support, both individually and within class, for those with specific learning differences. This includes physiotherapy for anyone who needs to improve coordination, and occupational therapy, for example, handwriting and touch typing… the communication between home and school is well supported."