Year 1

In Year 1, boys begin to take more responsibility for themselves and their work. We aim to increase their self-confidence in all areas and to encourage good working habits and an attitude of perseverance when they find concepts difficult.

We continue to encourage the boys to look after their own belongings and to remember their daily routines.


Boys are taught basic punctuation, grammar, composition and comprehension skills. For World Book Day everyone dresses up as a book and the older boys take the time to read with the younger boys.


In mathematics, we take a practical approach: lessons are designed to encourage the application of maths skills to solve real-life problems. We equip the boys with a range of strategies to build up their confidence in maths. There are also special fun things that the boys can do to improve their mathematical knowledge. A big favourite is creating 3D shapes using marshmallows and spaghetti to make impressive structures!

Other subjects

In science, the boys learn to develop their scientific knowledge and skills through topics that include materials, humans and other animals, plants, and seasonal changes. We also introduce the boys to history and geography.

In history, we develop their skills of historical enquiry, together with their powers of comparison, through the study of changes in ways of life, technology, homes and human endeavour from the past to the present.

In geography, we enable boys to observe and discuss their local environment and how it differs from other regions of the world.


Sometimes, the boys focus on specific themes. One recent theme was transport. After visiting the London Transport Museum and seeing the Tube trains and the old Tube posters, the Form 1 boys decided to make their own posters. They chose a station and a landmark nearby: they chose Westminster Tube Station, and showed its proximity to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, and the London Eye.

Art and design technology is taught each week, linked to the topics which the boys are covering in other lessons.


There is 20 minutes' written or learning homework twice a week, together with bi-weekly spelling tests and 10 minutes' reading for each night. Each term, the boys are assessed in English and mathematics.

A typical week

Here is an example of a typical week 1 letter, written by Miss Lottie, the Year 1 coordinator, which appeared in our regular newsletter as a Year 1 update.

This week:

English – Consolidating knowledge of full stops and capital letters around the theme of traditional tales.

Mathematics – Working on the vocabulary 'more than, less than and equal to', encouraging the boys to work very dynamically with numbers up to and sometimes beyond 100.

Topic – We learned about the fate of Henry VIII's six wives.

RS – We looked at what the Garden of Eden was and discussed the significance of the Tree of Knowledge.