Year 2

In Year 2, we build on concepts learned in Year 1 and allow the boys to explore different areas of the curriculum in greater depth, applying their skills to more challenging tasks.


English lessons are based on a range of texts that help the boys understand the many different aspects of writing. We teach comprehension, grammar and drama, and spelling is developed through phonics. One of our Year 2 boys wrote a tremendous story, which appeared in the Eaton House Schools magazine, The Column. This is the beginning of the story:

The Castle in the Sky

Up in the misty grey dull sky, hiding in the cloud was a magical castle with dirty crackled windows and the smell of rotting wood. The castle was guarded by a wizard with a long whiskery face like an old parsnip. One day, a boy called Penet was playing in the park with a bundle of colourful balloons when suddenly the wind blew him into the sky and he hit the castle gate with a heavy thud…


In mathematics, we are committed to ensuring that the boys have a high level of understanding of the key concepts and we use many visual and practical elements to help every type of learner within the classroom setting.

Other subjects

In science lessons, the boys learn about a varied range of topics including materials, animals (including humans), personal health, and helping plants grow well. Topic lessons are divided half-termly between geography and history.

Enriched learning

Enriched learning is very important for us. To further explore our plants theme, Year 2 ended the year with a visit to the world-leading botanical gardens, Kew Gardens. They explored plants from 10 different climate zones including cacti, orchids, carnivorous plants and Titan arum, which produces one of the foulest odours in the plant kingdom! The boys also went to The Hive, an enormous multi-sensory experience, and learned all about the extraordinary life of bees.

Our design technology and art lessons may be based on some of these core subjects, deepening the boys' understanding. As well as these core subjects, boys have music, computing, PE and French with subject specialists.


Homework is given twice a week. Boys will also have reading to do and spellings and times tables to learn every night. We recommend that boys spend around 20 minutes on written homework and 10 minutes on reading every night.

All the boys are assessed every term in English and mathematics.

A typical week

Here is an example of a typical week in Year 2 written by Miss Rebecca, the Year 2 coordinator:

In the core lessons this week we've been busy working on the following:

  • Maths – setting out calculations (subtraction with borrowing and addition with carrying) and an introduction to vertical multiplication. In our lesson warm-ups, we’ve also touched on division (using our times tables). Boys who are secure on their times tables find it much easier to understand the concept of division!
  • English – writing a full adventure story (in timed conditions) with an exciting problem or dilemma. The boys have then been encouraged to make simple additions, revisions and corrections to their completed work.