Year 3

In Year 3, we concentrate on the revision, consolidation, extension and application of skills taught in Year 2. It is our aim to make the boys' transition to Prep School smooth and confident.


In mathematics, the focus is on reinforcing all the lessons previously learned so that the boys have a clear understanding in all areas. Within our teaching there are open-ended activities that focus upon mathematical processes, providing the children with an opportunity to explore, develop and apply different mathematical skills in everyday situations.


English lessons are predominantly based on a text, which enables a creative approach to meeting the needs of the curriculum. The boys will also experience a range of different types of poetry, as well as non-fiction writing. Boys are given differentiated spelling words to learn by heart and they are tested on a weekly basis. The Year 3 drama production What a Knight! gave some of the boys considerable practice in memorising lines of dialogue and in learning to use language expressively.

Other subjects

In Year 3, boys will develop scientific concepts and carry out investigations, developing a bank of scientific vocabulary and building on prior knowledge to make sensible predictions. This initiates scientific curiosity.

Topic work

In our topic work we encourage independent and cross-curricular learning. There is a strong focus on environmental issues.


In Year 3, boys are set 30 minutes' homework each night, together with 10 minutes' reading.

The boys are assessed each term in English and mathematics and the results are communicated to parents.

A typical week

Here is an example of a typical week 4 letter, written by Mr James, which appeared in our regular newsletter as a Year 4 update.

It's been another busy week for Year 4, with the boys settling in really well into the demands of the new year.

In mathematics, we've been consolidating our work from last week on addition and subtraction, through using estimation and inverse operations to check our answers. These have been used while working through different word problems, involving whole numbers and decimals.

In English, we've been planning and writing a timed story with the title of Stranded. The boys were encouraged to include as much descriptive language as they could, resulting in some very interesting ideas!

In history, the boys were introduced to the idea of chronology and were able to gain a perspective of just how 'recent' we all were in history, by using a timeline of the last 2,000 years as a reference.