Inter-School Competitions

Eaton House Belgravia is a school where sport is taken seriously – even at the Pre-Prep.

We enjoy presenting a challenge to neighbouring schools in competitions and tournaments. We give of our best on the field and we are always proud to take home the winner's shield.

Inter-school competitions between Eaton House Belgravia and Eaton House The Manor take many forms, from sporting to musical. One of the best examples of an inter-school challenge is the David Lawrence Series Annual Challenge Cup.

The David Lawrence Cup

This cup encompasses nine events between Eaton House Belgravia and Eaton House The Manor, including football, cricket, golf, cross-country, hockey, tennis, swimming, chess and dodgeball. The boys love the challenge of taking part. Here are a couple of their experiences, showing their grit and enthusiasm:

We knew the cross country run around Clapham Common was going to be tough as the Manor were defending the cup for the 4th year running. The 12 boys who ran against the Manor 2s' boys ran 1.3km and scored 176 points beating the Manor 2s by 30 points. There was an amazing near win in this race, which was really exciting.

The 3s ran 2km but came up against an incredibly strong Manor team. The score was 202 v 146 to Eaton House The Manor, and so, on aggregate, the Manor won 365 v 329. It was a hard pill for us 3s to swallow given the amount of practice and effort which we'd been putting in at games, hockey and, in some cases, with the squat jumps we'd been urged to do at home.

I was quite pleased with my own performance in coming fourth, but with only three of us in the top 10 in Year 3, it was never going to be our day. It was very enjoyable though.

—Cross-Country Captain


We were already 5-0 down in the Series Challenge Cup so things looked very dicey when our top 5 players all lost our matches to the top Eaton House The Manor boys in the first 25 minutes! We all knew how important this fixture was for our own pride and Mr Cooke had had us all playing lots of ladder matches and computer matches in preparation. Fortunately, as a whole team we were strong, and amazingly our bottom six players all won their matches in the remaining time. We won narrowly by 6-5 in the end! Mr Cooke was so pleased he awarded the whole team 'colours' and the cup got to stay for at Belgravia for a seventh year running. Phew!

—Chess Captain