The curriculum has been designed to provide the most rigorous academic challenges for the boys.

The full, broad, stimulating and engaging programme offers depth in learning and learning for life, fully preparing the boys for external exams. It provides an unparalleled level of breadth and challenge, enabling the boys to fulfil their intellectual potential.

The boys are encouraged to be fully immersed and involved in their learning to ensure we avoid the 'look, copy, forget' method of teaching which does not permanently enrich them. Instead, our teaching aims to nurture their problem solving and investigation skills, in order  to create a really secure foundation by teaching their minds to apply this way of thinking beyond the classroom.

Personalised learning plans

Personalised learning plans for all boys ensure that every aspect of a boy's education is fully catered for and we provide him with the appropriate challenge he needs in all areas of his development.

The curriculum is the perfect vehicle for boys to evolve in a supportive, exciting and academically challenging environment where all-round needs are nurtured, met and exceeded.

Our learning process is also designed to support the inquisitive learning style of boys. This ensures that every boy develops a thirst for knowledge while he is at Eaton House Belgravia Prep.

With such a busy and challenging schedule, there is never a dull moment at the Prep. Homework is set daily for all pupils and the form tutors can give advice about how to support each boy in his work.

With differentiated work, the boys are all boosted according to their needs. All learners can be challenged at their own personal level, ensuring that knowledge acquisition is always appropriate and stimulating.