Sport is an integral part of life at school, whether boys are representing the school or their house, or simply learning to be part of a team.

The boys will play sport every day as we strongly believe that it is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Every boy will be part of a team and we believe that is important for their confidence and personal growth. We require all the boys to play with passion and commitment, whatever their level.

The boys are encouraged to play games in the right spirit, with sporting behaviour promoted and celebrated. There is a chance for outstanding sportsmen to receive 'colours' in a sport, but all the boys have a chance to enter competitions and challenges throughout the year.

Many will become so interested in playing a sport that they go on to join specialist after-school clubs to help them progress faster. This is an important part of a boy's day, a time for relaxation and bonding where lifelong friendships are formed.

Alongside many other sports, football, rugby and cricket are at the heart of our sporting programme and competitive matches against other schools and clubs are a highlight of each week.

Every boy can be successful in at least one sport. Our job is to take the time to find the sport that is right for each boy.