Football is very popular at Eaton House Belgravia Prep.

It is wonderful for the boys' coordination, running skills, ball control and hand-eye movement. It is also teaches them the importance of team spirit and selflessness in service of the whole game.

Outside COVID times, we have many fixtures and tournaments with other schools, and every boy is required to play with passion and commitment. Please note that in the roster of fixtures we always have one competitive match between the parents and the boys, so prospective parents might like to get an early march on the competition by getting their practice drills in early! (That's a little joke – it's all for fun!)

To help improve our game, we have created a really useful set of football levels for home practice. These include drills for controlled stopping, kicking on a roll, controlling the bouncing ball, speed dribbling and controlled dribbling. We also suggest marking policy for drills, so that boys practice their skills and points marking at the same time.

The boys have started this academic year with energy and determination. Mr Sam writes:

“During our games lessons, the boys have all continued to develop their football skills and progressed onto more technical turns such as the 'Cruyff', the 'drag back' and the 'back heel'. Our target will be to use these turns in pressurised situations where there may be defenders or traffic in their way. Keep up the good work boys!”

There is a popular after-school football club for those boys that enjoy the sport so much that they would like to take their game to a higher level.