Field hockey has roots that go all the way back to ancient Greece.

We have evidence in the form of carvings that depicted young Greeks battling over a ball in 514 BCE. However, there is evidence of an even more ancient hockey on an Egyptian tomb.

This sport has been popular the world across history. Its simple principles translate well to an exciting, competitive sport that anyone can pick up and play and it is perfect for Eaton House Prep boys.

Field hockey is fun, exciting, and perfect for team building. The ten players besides the goalie position must work together to coordinate offensive and defensive strategies. At the same time, they must position themselves in the right formations to work in concert and prevent the opponent from scoring.

Field hockey is simple to learn, but it can be a wonderfully challenging sport for boys. Of additional note is the largely contact-free nature of the sport. Especially in youth leagues, rough physical contact is kept to a minimum.

Passing plays an important part in the game, and fouls exist to prevent unsportsmanlike play. Nonetheless, it presents an excellent opportunity for all kinds of individuals.

The Year 4 boys have had a tremendous year ahead of them and are planning to build on all they learned in Year 3. Last year, despite the spring term being a short one, the Year 3 boys showed a tremendous improvement with their dribbling, stopping and push-shot skills on the AstroTurf pitches in Battersea Park. As one boy wrote excitedly:

“We went behind by two goals at The Manor, but a comeback was made, and with only two minutes on the clock remaining we scored the decisive winning goal!”