Other Sports

Sport can take many forms other than our core sports offering of football, cricket, rugby, hockey and athletics, including cross country. There are also opportunities for boys to experience other sports including fencing, rock climbing, judo and futsal.

Each term there is a full programme of inter-school and inter-house fixtures, which allow every boy in the school the opportunity to develop his sporting skills across a range of sports. In the course of this programme, he will have the chance to belong to a team and also to find a sport that he genuinely enjoys. This is very important to us, as we want to inculcate a love of fitness and health in our boys for life.

One of the best examples of inter-school challenge is the David Lawrence Series Annual Challenge Cup. This cup encompasses nine events between Eaton House Belgravia and Eaton House The Manor, including football, cricket, golf, cross-country, hockey, tennis, swimming, chess and dodgeball.  (Yes, chess is considered a 'sport' for the purposes of the David Lawrence Challenge and it certainly gives the boys a mental workout!)

Some other sports such as tennis, swimming, hockey and golf require the boys to have athletic capability and they benefit from the athletics and cross-country practice that the boys regularly complete. Our aim is to build up the boys' overall fitness and athletics stamina so that they enjoy many sports and being fit generally.

Last year, in hockey, the boys showed a tremendous improvement with their dribbling, stopping and push-shot skills. In swimming, which takes place at a local swimming pool, the boys enjoyed meetings with other schools. They also celebrated a traditional gala with Eaton House The Manor.

Tennis was also strong, thanks to Eaton House Belgravia's two instructors and three assistants. There is huge enthusiasm amongst the Belgravia boys, many of whom spend happy summer holidays practising their strokes and enjoying friendly games.

Considerable progress was made with groundstrokes and serves last year, and tennis colours for excellence and for sporting service to Eaton House Belgravia were awarded to a number of Belgravia boys.

One Pre-Prep boy even broke the school record at the tennis club with 79 rallies into the service box with Mr Cooke, Head of Sports and ICT – a genuinely incredible feat. Prep boys should note that this record is there to be broken!

Those boys that enjoy sports can improve and extend their skills at Sports Club, Football Club, PE and swimming, which is an external club, or they can try new sports such as dodgeball or karate. There is also an externally organised karate course for boys who really become fascinated by the sport.