Pastoral Care

We believe that happy minds are essential for children to thrive. Exceptional pastoral care ensures that the years spent at Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep and Prep are inspiring, enabling every boy to fulfil his full potential.

It's the form teacher who has daily contact with the boys in his class and is at the forefront of pastoral care. He is responsible for each pupil's well-being and will be responsive to both the boys and their parents.

The house system and the buddy system, whereby every Kindergarten boy is allocated an older boy to act as his mentor, provides another layer of pastoral support. This is because every boy feels championed and cheered on by his house and his buddy and there is a huge sense of pride in belonging to a house.

The form teacher will get to know each boy and will introduce him to his classmates, although many of the boys will have met during a 'getting to know you' event earlier in the summer. Form teachers will be acutely aware of the boys' happiness and progress at all times, especially in the early weeks.

It really matters for the youngest boys that parents or carers are allowed into the school to chat informally with form teachers each day. This is a special time when a boy's early triumphs and small challenges can be shared. In addition, the weekly newsletter and regular email communication allow parents to feel that they are fully involved in school life from the first week. Help and encouragement will always be offered if any educational issues are raised.

The golden rules

The golden rules – our school rules that set the general standard of behaviour – ensure that the boys behave well. As a result, our boys tend to be full of life, sociable, friendly, kind to each other and mannerly. The rules are:

  • Do be gentle.
  • Do be kind and helpful.
  • Do work hard.
  • Do look after property.
  • Do listen to people.
  • Do be honest.

Personalised plan

Once the boys have settled in, building confidence and self-belief in a managed and careful way with an emphasis on positive feedback and rewards is intrinsic in all we do at Eaton House Belgravia. The form teachers look at each pupil's developmental progress weekly and feed back to the headmaster, Mr Huw May. Together, they devise a detailed personalised plan for each pupil, which covers both academic and non-academic issues for that period.

In the run-up to exams, parents receive a written feedback report every two weeks which gives them confidence that their son is on track and making good progress. Our open-door policy ensures that any matters arising from these reports can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, in a genuinely positive dialogue between the school and parents.