House System

Beyond the form teacher, a well-established house system provides the overarching structure for effective and consistent pastoral care within the school.

The head of house is an important figure in a boy's life and someone he can always turn to for advice and support. The house master or mistress is a boy's cheerleader, noticing all the positive impacts that he is having as part of his house team and rewarding him accordingly.

On entry to the school boys join one of four houses (Red, Green, Yellow or Blue). Siblings are automatically placed in the same house, allowing whole families to support individual houses at school events. Housemistresses and housemasters hold regular house meetings and there are various special house events throughout the year, which include lots of competitions and challenges in music, sport and other subjects.

House points and commendations

Stars and house points are awarded for good work and behaviour and sometimes a boy will be called to his house master or mistress for a special commendation. House points are totalled each week and displayed on the plasma screen in the entrance hall. Cups are awarded at the end of every term for individual, termly and yearly totals.

Boys love winning house merits for their team. Friday morning assembly, when merits are given out, is always an exciting time. As a balance, boys may occasionally be sent to their house mistress or master for poor behaviour or work but this is an unusual occurrence in what is an enthusiastic and hard-working school.

The boys become very attached to their individual houses and are all naturally convinced that their houses are the best!