This is a school where well-being matters, where every child is noticed and valued, and where the development of the whole child and his happiness at school is at the centre and front of our thinking.

We aim to get to know every boy as an individual from the first day, supporting him, championing him and building up his self-belief until he understands that he can achieve (and, in fact, does achieve) incredible things!

Knowing the boys, sharing their highs and lows, being there for them in every way, is of prime importance to us. Pastoral care is intrinsic in all we do, the fundamental cornerstone of Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep. It is integrated through the teaching, learning and structural organisation of the school, effectively meeting the needs of all the boys.

Quality pastoral care focuses on the whole boy and his personal, social, and academic development. Pastoral care assists boys in developing positive self-esteem, healthy risk taking, goal setting and negotiation. This enhances the boys' resilience and develops a sense of social cohesion and belonging.

What we expect of the boys

We expect the boys to be mindful, to care for others, to be mannerly and to behave like young gentlemen. Boys are taught to work in groups and to express opinions in a manner that encourages respect. These are the values that we try to instil in our boys, leading by example. Teachers constantly emphasise that the boys should be kind and considerate towards others and this enhances the well-being of the whole school.

Our boys are positive, upbeat and ambitious, for themselves and for their fellow team members and housemates. They work well in houses, and with each other, and they contribute mindfully, trying to let everyone have his say.

They are bright, thoughtful, kind and willing boys and we miss them all when they move on.

It follows from the kind of boys that we produce that there is a culture of kindness in the school which we actively foster. This makes Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep a fantastic place in which to go to school.

All our staff are highly responsive to any child or parent who raises an issue where a child feels uncomfortable or unhappy – but thankfully this is very rare. We have a zero-tolerance anti-bullying policy and a strict code of conduct which ensures that it is rarely needed.