Mental Health Awareness Week

From our youngest nursery pupils to our oldest alumni, our staff, our parents and all the lives we touch, Eaton House Schools holds positive mental health as a key focus in all we do. With the increasing pressures we and our children face it’s important to stop and take time this week to consider what really matters.

Tragically, within our immediate community, we have been saddened to hear of parents who have lost children because of mental health illness. These events make us reassess what we have to offer to our current and alumni families, plus the wider community. We work openly with our current pupils to discuss a wide range of mental health topics, from resilience and character strengths, to gratitude and optimism. This year’s theme of ‘body image’ aims to teach our young pupils to be media smart, to recognise healthy food choices and build self-esteem, encouraging them to use positive language in relation to themselves and others.

                Lily Lang (above) talking to year 4 on "body image"

Many of you will also know that we always have an open door, regularly welcoming back our former pupils into numerous roles within the school. Our commitment to our families is one that extends beyond the end of formal schooling with us, and means we will always endeavor to provide whatever support we can when our alumni families need it.

Our responsibility for the mental health of our pupils continues well after they leave our doors; we believe it is a lifetime commitment to those who have trusted us with their children, and to all those who have been educated by Eaton House Schools.

Luchie Cawood
CEO, Eaton House Schools