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The use of technology within Eaton House Girls' School is currently developing, and the curriculum has been written to ensure that varied and appropriate technology use is a day-to-day feature of learning and teaching within the school.

The computing curriculum is taught during focused lessons in the computer room alongside cross-curricular work in the classroom, making use of the range of technology which is available within school. Each pupil has an individual account with the award-winning Purple Mash website, which provides a safe environment in which the girls can apply and enhance their computing knowledge.


In the younger half of the Girls' School, we focus on helping the girls to notice all the technology used in the world around them and the importance of these, such as telephones, computers and traffic lights. The girls are taught the basics of how to use a computer, including typing and mouse control. They enjoy using the school tablets to take photos and videos for a given audience or purpose. Amongst other skills, we also introduce the concept of coding and the idea that devices respond to commands.


In the senior half of the School we build on the girls' growing knowledge of computing. Amongst a range of other skills, we help the girls to develop an understanding of a variety of coding languages used within the Purple Mash website. The girls are also introduced to email accounts and practise writing both formal and informal emails. This specifically links with our work on e-safety, encouraging safe online behaviour.