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As with all the arts, drama is about being able to take yourself away, taking your learning to a new dimension and exploring everything around you. By building on unique skills, children are given adaptable opportunities to help overcome inhibition.


Drama starts as early as Year 1 as a timetabled lesson including the use of expression to create movement, and circle games to enforce communication and confidence to speak within a small group. We build on the term "expression" and use this term during drama exercises. It may involve expression in movement, using expressive language, or expression to physically portray a character type. Children will continually develop their skills in the Junior School and are encouraged to think about how they move and enter stage.

They will begin to work on their miming, improvisation and observational skills. They will have an opportunity to talk about what they enjoy about performing as well as looking at other practitioners. Children will begin to understand concepts and techniques such as freeze frames and creating improvisations with use of props or a piece of music. They will work on their storytelling using expression and selecting scenes to re-enact.


As the children build on their repertoire, they will soon develop the confidence to devise their own theatre, taking into consideration certain practitioners to sculpt their work. The seniors are given opportunities to reflect on other productions as well as rehearse their own plays to perform in front of an audience.


As well as the creative drama-based class assemblies, all children throughout their time at school are involved in a production.

We run a production each term:

  • Christmas: Years 1 and 2, Nativity play
  • Spring term: Years 3 and 4
  • Summer term: Years 5 and 6

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

Dr Suess

Drama clubs

In addition to our full-scale shows, drama clubs are available to both our junior and senior girls as part of our after-school programme. Whether rehearsing a Shakespearean scene or a comic mime, these opportunities further enable the girls to pursue their passion for performance but in a more relaxed context.

Speech and drama lessons

All the girls in Year 4 to Year 6 now also have the option of having a weekly speech and drama lesson during the school day. Taught by a drama specialist to the girls, either in pairs or as individuals, these sessions not only refine the vocal and physical techniques required to bring poetry, prose and scripts to life but also nurture the girls as they explore many different forms of expression. Twice a year, the girls work towards practical exams which are marked by visiting examiners from NEA (the New Era Academy).