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French in the Girls' School is taught to all the girls from KG to Year 6. Our aim is that the girls are exposed to a new language, that they enjoy learning it, and that they are fully prepared for the levels expected of them in senior school.

This involves:

  • Learning to communicate, understand, respond and ask questions in French in the classroom using correct pronunciation and intonation.
  • Learning and understanding basic conversations, and instructions given in French.
  • Learning to read and understand signs, signposts, leaflets, menus and instructions written in French.
  • Gaining an insight into, and tolerance and sympathy of France, the language, the culture and the civilisation.

We use many visual, audio and kinaesthetic resources. In order for the girls to gain confidence when speaking the language they will be encouraged to both read aloud and speak in pairs in front of the class. The girls are taught using textbooks together with activities on the interactive whiteboard. We also use PowerPoint slides and software packages called Task Magic and  Linguascope to enhance their learning. We practise listening activities using the CD, which complements the various course textbooks we use.


In the KG it is very much a gentle introduction to the language, teaching topics such as names, greetings, age, birthdays, colours, family, animals and food.

The girls will have one half-hour lesson each week which will involve an introduction to the topic, an activity to consolidate the topic being taught and a song or game on the interactive whiteboard as a plenary.

Years 1,2 and 3

In Years 1, 2 and 3 we use La Jolie Ronde programme, which includes a pupil book the girls will fill in in class, a children's and teachers' audio and resource CD, and a set of accompanying flashcards. Topics covered include house and family, transport, days of the week, clothes, parts of the body and numbers 1 to 40.

  • The programme in Year 1 contains simple stories, action chants, games and songs. These are activities the girls enjoy and will repeat over and over again absorbing language as they play.
  • The programme in Year 2 introduces new games to practise vocabulary and phrases; short conversations are introduced for listening and speaking together with the introduction of the written word.
  • The programme in Year 3 is a progression from that in Year 2 whereby the vocabulary and language structures are reinforced and extended. Role plays are introduced and pupils start to use the language creatively for themselves.

The girls will have a half-hour lesson each week.

Years 4 and 5

In Years 4 and 5 we use the Expo1 textbook and cover one module per term. Topics include names, greetings, age, birthdays, colours, family, everyday routines, directions, school subjects, sports and games.

The girls will gain an insight into basic understanding of some grammar rules such as the use of masculine, feminine and plural, the definite and indefinite article and adjective agreement, and an introduction to basic verbs in the first person and the verbs avoir and être.

The girls will have a one-hour lesson each week and a homework sheet to complete, reinforcing vocabulary and grammar concepts learned in the lesson.

Year 6

The girls will now be confident with the sounds, written form and grammar of the language, and more able to use this knowledge with increasing competence to express themselves in role plays, conversation and writing.

The curriculum in Year 6 is taught using So You Really Want to Learn French?, a textbook by Nigel Pearce, and involves more complex written exercises in all grammatical areas with a particular emphasis on introducing the girls to common verbs and their declensions.

The girls will have a one-hour lesson each week and a homework sheet to complete reinforcing vocabulary and grammar concepts learnt in the lesson.