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"Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else."

–Leonardo Da Vinci

Geography is far more than the study of maps and locations. It is the understanding of interactions between people and the environment, the effects of the environment on people, and people’s interactions with each other. As the world becomes increasingly globalised, the understanding of the intricate way different systems are reliant upon each other is critical.

The curriculum is generally split between human geography, which covers settlements, population studies, and economic activity; and physical geography, which focuses on processes that change and shape our planet. Both junior and senior girls will cover a variety of topics that enhance their knowledge and skills in geographical enquiry. Practical fieldwork experience and knowledge-based units are used to prepare the girls for their continued study of geography at their senior schools.


The junior girls begin geography in KG with an introduction to seasons and weather along with another, teacher-selected area of interest.

The study of physical geography continues in Year 1 with the topic of rainforests, adding on the human geography side with the seaside.

Year 2 will begin learning about the location of major world features and will use a London case study as the foundation for new map skills and understanding how geography applies to their daily lives.

Year 3 will cover a wider range of topics throughout the year as they reinforce knowledge gained in the previous years and expand into a more complex understanding of both human and physical geography.


The senior girls will complete a rotation of all the previous topics, while adding more complexity and depth to each. For example, coastal landforms will be enhanced with the study of river processes, weather and climate will continue with an understanding of the cause and effect of natural disasters, and the London case study will be the foundation for comparing another UK locality and an international location.

It is our hope that the girls will become passionate geographers, with a keen interest in understanding the world in which they live, and that they will choose to carry on studying geography well into their university years.