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Learning Enrichment

At Eaton House the Manor Girls' school each individual child is valued, and their learning is supported in every way.

This enables the girls to blossom academically, socially and behaviourally. For any individual girl finding her learning a challenge, her needs will be identified and one-to-one or group sessions will be organised with our learning support teacher, who works across the school and promotes inclusion. This means that any child who is experiencing difficulty will always be a valued and equal member of our school.

Special needs

We like to help our children as soon as a need is identified so that they do not lose confidence or become demotivated. We also recognise that parents may also have some anxieties and we welcome their views as this helps us to form a complete picture of a child's learning. Our learning support teacher, after discussion with staff and parents, may carry out an informal assessment to identify a child's strengths and weaknesses. In some instances, an outside expert such as an educational psychologist, occupational therapist or speech and language therapist may be brought in to further assess some children.

Gifted children

We support girls of all abilities, and this includes advancing girls who are considered gifted and talented. When these girls are identified, teachers consider specific targets for them and lessons are planned to extend and challenge. This means that there is a continued motivation for learning, in a stimulating environment. A weekly gifted and talented maths group is held to help the girls meet with like-minded individuals. They tackle challenges and work on extended problems and projects. In English, talented writers congregate to develop their journalist skills, researching and producing the newspaper The Eaton House Eagle for their peers.

Subject specialist teachers, in art, music and sport, are on hand to provide gifted and talented students with the skills for scholarship. These girls continue to be pushed to reach their full potential.