Charity and Community

As a school, we have a mission to inspire and cultivate a sense of charity and community.

We believe that fundraising is a great way of motivating children, of teaching them social skills as well as teamwork skills, and we believe that fundraising ought to be an integral part of our girls' education. Working with charities increases a child's self-esteem and encourages a sense of social responsibility within the wider community.

Local charities

To support our local charities, we place paramount importance on the community as our girls need their parents and teachers to set an example of working with charities. We are keen for parents to work with our girls and teachers, as a team, leading by example. We expect and encourage our parents to help with fundraising through activities such as bake sales and sponsored walks.

Monitors and volunteers

We believe it is important for the girls to come up with charities of their own choice and to find different ways of supporting them. Giving energy and enthusiasm to a cause is a means of empowering our students. We have selected charity monitors in Year 6 who participate in and shape our school's charitable direction. A girl from each of Years 1 to 5 is also voted by her form to represent her peers at our regular school council meetings. These meetings not only facilitate a wider engagement with our local charities and community but encourage inter-year bonding, which acquaints girls of different ages so they can learn from and support each other and thus enhance and develop our school community.

In addition, every form has one volunteer representative who will meet regularly with the head and deputy to discuss fundraising ideas and put forward nominated charities. As well as having the girls select charities to support, we believe that it is important to consistently raise funds for a set of charities as the girls become accustomed to supporting these events. Our regular charities and events include Jeans for Genes Day, the Macmillan Coffee Morning, and our harvest festival donations which go to the Ace of Clubs homeless charity. Our annual charity events are a quiz night for parents, a Christmas fair, a break-the-rules day where money is split between charities chosen each term, and Share Community, a local charity in the community with which we are creating close links.

Supporting the wider community

We want to not only support local charities but also contribute to the wider community. To this end we also have eco monitors who are the voice of the school, making us aware of up-to-date eco-related issues. We feel strongly about joining the local and global community in the fight against plastic and are on our way to achieving plastic-free school status. Charity and community are an integral part of our school's ethos as our fundraising events and attitude towards the local community help to transform our students into socially responsible young women.