At Eaton House The Manor Girls' School we offer a comprehensive range of activities beyond the classroom: clubs and societies, visits and residential trips, inter-school sports tournaments and academic competitions.

The benefits of extracurricular activities are many and varied:

  • Improved academic performance – by taking part in extracurricular activities the girls achieve higher grades and exhibit a more positive attitude towards academic studies than they otherwise might.
  • Learning life skills – working in teams, problem solving, leadership, setting and achieving objectives.
  • Increased self-confidence – entering competitions against their peers is a great way for students to improve their self-confidence (and not only for the winners).
  • Exploring interests – today's extracurricular activity might be tomorrow's passion.
  • A welcome break from school routine and a chance to socialise – clubs provide a safe and informal environment where the girls can bond and relax after a hard day of academic study.