Destination Schools

Preparing the girls for life beyond Eaton House is crucial to us.  We want the girls to be discerning, capable, courageous young ladies who leave us feeling ready for the next step of their educational journeys.

Thus, as we watch the girls develop over the seven years they are with us, so we increasingly engage with parents about future schools.

Believing that it is important to find the right senior school for every girl, we do not feed to one or two schools but to a wide range of London schools, both day and boarding (see below). In the past two years, our girls have accepted places at over 20 outstanding senior schools.

Visiting senior schools, meeting their heads, and learning about what each school has to offer is a significant aspect of Mr Snowball's role. As a result, he is able to guide and advise parents on the differences between the schools and the types of assessment they employ. Assessment methods may include testing in any combination of the following subjects: English, maths, science and reasoning (verbal and non-verbal), as well as interviews and collaborative group tasks.

Senior schools information evening

In the autumn term of each academic year, we invite parents of Years 4 and above to our senior schools information evening. This event consists of two sections:

  • Firstly Mr Snowball talks to the parents about a range of topics and useful top tips that are worth considering when first starting to explore future school options.
  • The second section of the evening is then given over to a guest speaker, usually the head of a senior school, who is able to provide parents with a wonderful insight on how the 11+ process is viewed from a senior school's perspective.

Following the senior schools information evening, we recommend that parents of Year 4 girls then do as much research as possible. This may, of course, involve analysing websites and seeking recommendations but, most crucially, should involve visiting as many schools as possible for either private tours or open days. Once the girls are in Year 5, parents are invited to discuss their thoughts with Mr Snowball with the aim of creating an initial long list. Over the course of Year 5 and into the beginning of Year 6, this list may well be whittled down slightly as parents register their daughter for the school or schools they wish her to be entered for.

Pre-tests and interviews are now being increasingly used by both day and boarding schools, and these largely occur between September and November in Form 6. Successful candidates are then invited to sit each school's own entrance exam, or, in the case of some of the boarding schools, the 11+ Common Entrance, on selected dates in November, December and January of Year 6. Parents receive the results of these examinations by the middle of February, and places need to be accepted by early March.

Throughout the years leading up to and including their final year, the girls are taught the skills and techniques required for all the 11+ assessments. During the autumn term of Year 6, the teaching process becomes increasingly bespoke with each girl given practice papers and more specific guidance for the different schools she is applying to. All girls entered for a practical scholarship (e.g. art, sport, drama or music) are supported and prepared by our subject specialists. For the vast majority of the schools our girls apply to, academic scholarships are awarded to the top-performing girls in the entrance exams rather than pursued through a specific scholarship route.

Here is the list of just a few of the schools that our girls have gone to recently: