Exam Results


Our 2021 leavers have performed brilliantly and were offered 17 scholarships and one exhibition to top London day and boarding schools, taking our scholarship tally to 61 awards offered in the last five years. The majority of these scholarships are academic, which is a testament to the hard work of the girls themselves and also the teachers and parents who have supported them so strongly throughout. We continue to strengthening our academic provision, adopting a more analytical, cross-curricular approach to the girls’ learning. This encourages the girls to explore different topics from a multitude of perspectives, using a range of higher-level thinking skills.

All the staff are extremely proud of the girls and their tremendous achievement and we wish them well on their next learning adventure.


2 x Academic - James Allen Girls' School 

1 x Music - James Allen Girls' School

1 x Academic - Putney High School

1 X Academic - Roedean

1 X Drama - Roedean

1 X Music - Roedean

1 X Sport - Roedean

1 x Academic - Streatham & Clapham High 

1 x Music - Streatham & Clapham High 

1 x Academic - Wimbledon High School

1 x Music - Wimbledon High School

3 x Academic - Woldingham  

1 x Drama - Woldingham  

2 x Art - Woldingham  

2021 Girls' Results