Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is central to all we do at Eaton House The Manor Girls' School as we believe that wellness is a vital part of a girl's education. Indeed, we believe that when girls are happy and inspired they are more effective learners and more confident participators.

For us, pastoral care is about understanding and supporting each individual girl to achieve her full potential. We are delighted that a parent added the following comment to a Cappco Report: “The staff are a delight and look after the girls beautifully.”

Form teachers are the first point of contact for both pupil and parent. They take the time to get to know each girl from the week that she joins. Kindness towards others along with developing the character of each girl is an important aspect of our pastoral care. Each girl is treated as an individual so that she can blossom academically, socially and behaviourally, and we strive to help every pupil to build her own toolkit of techniques to help ensure future success and happiness. To help develop these shared values, we have introduced a focus around seven character traits that we feel will help girls respond positively to challenging situations. They include discernment, optimism, grit, self-control, empathy, adaptability and trust. These attributes are frequently discussed in assemblies, in the classrooms and on the sports field and girls are periodically asked to record when and how they have demonstrated these attributes. Over the course of the last academic year this initiative has had a huge effect on the student body as a whole, helping to improve the girls' resilience, well-being and self-awareness.

Building confidence and self-belief

Building confidence and the self-belief to achieve one's goals, with an emphasis on positive feedback and rewards, is intrinsic in all we do at Eaton House The Manor Girls' School. The welfare and development of every pupil is paramount and every girl excels at something. Beyond the class teacher, a well-established house system provides the overarching structure for effective and consistent wrap-around pastoral care within the school.

During their first days at school, all the Kindergarten girls will be helped to settle in by their 'big sisters'. They help them at lunchtimes and become someone very special. The staff take an interest in the girls' extracurricular activities and you can often hear them sharing stories. The headmaster and SMT shake the hands of the girls each morning and again in the afternoon so that they quickly build a relationship of trust in the first few weeks.

We maintain an open-door policy. Parents are welcome to drop in and discuss their daughter's progress at any time. Working as a team for the benefit of the girls is key to all we do here at Eaton House. Testament to what a special place our school is, is that our leavers request to return year on year to share their experiences, catch up with their housemates and see those teachers who made them feel special and valued!