Big Sisters

Pastoral care plays an essential role in ensuring that your daughter settles into life in the Girls' School from the moment she joins us in Kindergarten.

We first meet the girls in the summer term before they are due to start with us, at our new girls' tea party. The new girls' tea provides a fun-filled afternoon where the girls meet one another as well as meeting their class teacher and teacher assistant. The afternoon allows the girls to familiarise themselves with the school and their new classrooms, to aid the coming transition and excite them about the adventure ahead. It also provides an opportunity for parents to meet before the start of term.

To ensure a smooth transition once term starts, we allocate each of our Kindergarten (KG) girls a 'big sister'. The big sister is always a girl in our most senior year, Form 6, and is often in the same house as her younger 'sibling'. During the summer holidays prior to the KG girls' arrival at Eaton House, each KG girl receives a welcoming letter or postcard from her big sister. This is a wonderful way of easing any nerves that the KG girls may have and immediately gives them a friendly face to look out for on their very first day.


When the academic year begins in September, the bond between the KG girls and their big sisters forms almost instantly. The Year 6 girls very much enjoy the sense of responsibility of having a KG to play with at break time, sit with at lunchtime, and introduce to aspects of school life. For the KGs, their big sisters are role models who provide the type of friendship and reassurance that enables the new girls to feel both fully integrated into the school and also highly valued.

The strong relationship between the oldest and youngest girls is crucial in establishing the notion of respect for all. As the years pass, and the big sisters leave Eaton House for their senior schools, it is lovely to hear how many remain in contact with their younger buddy. Cards and presents are often exchanged but, more importantly, the mutual respect that has been established from the outset often leads to both girls following the progress of the other with genuine interest.