The senior girls love playing netball in the autumn term.

Right from the outset, they take great pleasure from learning how to play as a team and the skills required to be an effective unit. Thus, communication, strategic thinking and technical skills are all explored during the practice sessions on court. The development of ball handling skills, moving to receive the ball, applying the correct footwork, and understanding and applying the basic principles of the game are also very much part of the training process.

The real joy then comes with the competitive fixtures when our senior girls, from Year 3 to Year 6, take part in matches against other local prep schools on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. We are extremely proud of the results achieved over the past few seasons, with the girls in all year groups performing to an impressive standard and winning many matches. Indeed, in 2017, our Year 6 girls very much led by example by winning a national competition, the IAPS Small Schools Netball Championships.

In preparation for their time in the senior half of the school, the junior girls are also quick to learn the fundamentals skills such as throwing and catching, creating a chain of passing and understanding what a space is. This is all done in a context which celebrates the abilities of all girls and promotes inclusivity.