Meet the Head


Roosha Sue, or Miss Roosha as many Clapham families know her,  is at the heart of Eaton House the Manor nursery.

She has been at Eaton House the Manor since 2001. She started in year one then worked in the KG and was then appointed Head of Nursery in 2003. Although she has been head for a number of years, every single day is different and most of all rewarding. There are also many long-standing staff and together we see whole families come through our doors. To be able to continue to watch them grow throughout the school is a very unique and privileged position to be in. Miss Roosha loves to go and watch the older children in their KG Nativity or listen to the choir sing in the church or judge a house competition.

Miss Roosha's original training was as a Montessori teacher, but as the early years has developed and the curriculum has become more in depth she has updated her qualifications to move with the times. With an early years degree and qualified teacher status, teaching is purposeful and reflected upon daily. She actively encourages and supports the staff to continue their professional development. We not only hold training on site but make the most of colleges and universities nearby, as well as Wandsworth Early Years training hub.

Eaton House The Manor has always been a wonderful place to be and the nursery is where it all begins. Tours are given to each family and we explain our settling in process which involves an arts and craft session once a week. The new intake meets their teacher and other friends who will be in the same class. The children explore the nursery environment with the comfort of knowing Mum, Dad or carer is close by. The children have a snack and a short mat time of a story and songs. We find this makes transition a lot smoother when the first day of nursery comes around.

Every child in our nursery is treated as unique. We take our time to get to know your child's likes and dislikes. We ask you to fill in an "all about me" questionnaire and we request a special photograph for the birthday board and the family album. Our open-door policy ensures the smooth handover of each child; this keeps us in the loop with your child's welfare at all times.

Children all learn through different approaches and at a variety of paces. With our high ratios and fantastic team we work either in small focus groups or with individual children to make sure we teach according to your child's ability. Our teaching is interactive and hands-on: children learn through doing and being part of the process. Children head-count for the register or take on a job at snack time, they help weigh out cooking ingredients or make labels for our display. We value all children's contributions and use positive reinforcement. There is always an abundance of stickers, stamps, high fives and sparkly claps!

Miss Roosha would love the opportunity for you to experience the Nursery for yourself and see what a joyful and exciting place it is to be, with children who are truly engaged and curious to learn in an amazingly bright and open purpose-built space.