Design Technology


Welcome to the Design Technology department. This is an innovative and exciting subject area where pupils will cover various projects that will inspire and develop a variety of skills, and hopefully encourage budding technologists of the future.

The Design Technology department benefits from a new, purpose-built workshop – a well-resourced facility with equipment that you might not expect to be  available to prep school children such as 3D printers, a laser cutter, a vacuum former and more.

Our aim

Our aim is to develop the pupils' creative thinking and problem solving skills, drawing on the various disciplines such as mathematics, science and art. During their time in the DT department, pupils will gradually build and extend their knowledge through a variety of multi-skilled projects that will provide them with a taste of the many areas of the subject. Pupils will be expected to work through the design process to produce creative outcomes to an initial problem. Within this process there is as much importance placed on designing as there is on making. However, pupils will spend proportionally more time on the practical side of projects.

As an integral part of the design technology curriculum, pupils will be introduced to various designers, current and past innovations, and important historical events that have shaped our everyday lives.

Planned projects

Pupils will cover various areas of resistant materials, graphics, creating circuits, computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacture (CAM) through project work.

Example projects

  • Year 4: Hopping electronic bugs
  • Year 5: 3D printed storage container
  • Year 6: Acrylic CAD maze game
  • Year 7: Chair design based on Frank Gehry’s Wiggle chair
  • Year 8: Lighting project

There are both junior and senior after school DT clubs, and a lunchtime TinkerCad 3D printing club.


Below are links to various websites. Some of these are just fun activities for the boys to complete alone and some could be produced as a joint activity with parents. Have fun!

Cracking Ideas - Wallace and Gromit's World of Cracking Inventions

The Design Museum

The Science Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

Dezeen – Architecture and design website

BBC Bitesize – An excellent site aimed more towards the older pupil. However, it will be interesting to anyone who wants to further their knowledge in the various areas of the subject.

Rob Ives  Rob Ives produces a range of fun automata that can be downloaded, printed out onto card and then made into working models.

Technology student – A website dedicated to design technology