Join the excitement of Eaton House's innovative Drama department.

Drama is a well-loved, essential part of life at Eaton House The Manor. Our aim is to develop the pupils' creativity, increase their confidence and ignite their imagination through inspiring and enjoyable lessons and workshops.

Pre-Prep drama

Drama is a part of the core National Curriculum subject English, falling under 'speaking and listening'. Studying drama helps pupils to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with others effectively – not only in school but also in public life.

we recognise drama not only as an essential standalone subject but also an means of supporting our practical learning style – the pivotal environment in which our boys learn at Eaton House the Manor. From the very start of the boys' journeys at Eaton House the Manor, they take part in a 30-minute weekly drama lesson which covers three main learning areas over the academic year, progressively developing their speaking and listening skills:

  • Making (exploring, devising, shaping and interpreting) – encompasses the many processes and activities employed when exploring, devising, shaping and interpreting drama.
  • Performing (presenting and producing) – covering the skills and knowledge that are displayed when enacting, presenting and producing dramas. This also includes the use of theatre technology.
  • Responding (evaluating and applying knowledge and understanding) – incorporating reflection on both emotional and intellectual reactions to drama. This reflection is deepened as pupils gain a knowledge and understanding of how drama is created.

Junior drama

The junior boys tackle improvisation, explore poetry physically and vocally, and moreover spend the majority of the year rehearsing and preparing for their big productions. Last year, the Year 4 boys performed a colourful version of The Jungle Book. This year the Year 5 boys are currently working towards a mature and gritty performance of Oliver! It is sure to be OomPressive!

Senior drama

The senior boys explore a diverse range of theatrical techniques, such as studying and performing Shakespearean plays, devising their own concepts with peers, physical theatre, interview preparation and acting for film.

The Year 6 boys performed an exciting, modernised adaptation of Lord of the Flies, which incorporated naturalistic acting as well as abstract physical theatre moments.

The Year 8 boys created their very own Eaton House the Manor’s Apprentice on film, delving deep into their camera skills and allowing them to explore acting on film as opposed to stage.

Opportunities for performing

The boys have outstanding drama opportunities at school, performing in multiple productions in the impressive theatre. There is a popular Drama Club that runs after school and private speech and drama lessons are offered. In Years 4, 5 and 6 the boys perform in a school play each year, often involving moments of songs and dances. Furthermore, should they wish to continue their drama journey, the senior boys are given the opportunity to perform in The Shakespeare Project – the biggest youth drama festival performed at a professional theatre – where they get the chance to perform their Shakespearean play alongside other schools.

The Drama department supports the boys through their very own personal journey and creates lasting memories for them to keep for many years after The Manor.

What the boys say

Here are some of the boys' thoughts on the Drama department last year:

I love drama because you get to be imaginative. You get to explore and show your ideas. I am really looking forward to the Year 5 play.

Edward, 4W

I love drama because you can show your feelings, use your imagination and it takes you to a whole new world!

–Gussie, 5E

Being involved in Lord of The Flies was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had.

Julius, 6N

I really enjoyed Lord of the Flies. I think it is a perfect adaptation of the book.

Bryn, 6W

Playing the role of Simon was great, he was a challenging character to play which made it even more enjoyable. All of Year 6 have definitely improved their acting abilities.

Billy, 6N

The Drama department has been outstanding at organising plays, both being very enjoyable and entertaining to watch, as well as events which included monologue, sketches and plays. Creating work with friends has been great at boosting confidence for people who usually are unsure about performing in front of others.

Caspar, 8N

The Drama department has improved my confidence in public speaking and acting which I wish to use in my senior school. I believe that these skills will help me in later life and I would like to thank Ms Pilkington for helping all the year 8s. Drama lessons are always fun.

Hugo, 8W