At the Pre-Prep our aim is to enable our boys to be confident mathematicians: comfortable with number, equipped with a toolkit of strategies to solve mathematical problems, and able to apply maths in real-life situations.

We want them to enjoy maths and be able to use their knowledge confidently to solve a range of problems.

We teach, and boys learn, many different methods for calculation so that they really understand the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Boys can then choose and use strategies which work best for them to solve maths problems. More formal written methods are introduced when the child is able to use a wide range of mental calculation strategies.

We also teach the boys the fundamentals about geometry and measurement. We introduce statistics and ensure they can record and draw conclusions from data presented in tables and simple graphs. In our mathematics curriculum we place a lot of emphasis on mental and practical activities. Boys work their way through a progression of models and methods, we encourage them to talk about numbers and mathematics and to relate what they learn to solve real-life problems, making maths relevant.

The Pre-Prep curriculum is geared to enable the boys to fully understand the how and why. We ensure that their knowledge is deep and we help them to build the foundations necessary for their future maths learning.

Prep School

At the Prep School our aim is to build on the basics learned in the Pre-Prep and give our pupils a secure grounding in numeracy and mathematics, delivered in a way that inspires a love of the subject.

We teach our boys in a way that allows them to apply mathematical concepts with confidence, not only in their maths lessons but also across the curriculum and in their daily lives. They are encouraged to develop investigative thinking and apply mathematics to unfamiliar problems.

Organisation and structure

Each year group is divided into three classes. In Years 4 and year 5 the classes are streamed. In Years 6 to 8 there is a mixture of streaming and parallel classes based upon the proposed future schools of the boys in those classes. The boys will have six to eight dedicated maths lessons per week throughout their time at Eaton House.

The Prep mathematics syllabus is predominantly derived from the Common Entrance syllabus which is in turn based upon the National Curriculum. The work gets progressively more demanding as the boys move up the school, preparing them for their final scholarship and entrance examinations to secondary school. Tailored classes and a gradual process inevitably allow for all the boys to be fully prepared for their exams wherever they may be heading be, it at 11+ or 13+, day school or boarding.


We endeavour to challenge the boys and develop their skills through a breadth of mathematical experiences in and out of the classroom. The Primary and Junior Maths Challenges are eagerly awaited and entered with great success throughout the Prep School, and inter-house mathematics competitions get all boys involved and keen to succeed.

Extra support

And for those that find maths more challenging we have a daily maths clinic and dedicated support staff to step in and help where needed.

Our overall aim is to prepare the boys for a continued love and desire to take on the challenges in mathematics that they will encounter in their secondary schools.