Music is essential at Eaton House Pre-Prep. We work to ensure that all the boys experience music to a personal level not forgetting the wonders of making music with others.

Individualism is celebrated when pupils show their own understanding and enjoyment of this wonderful art form.

We follow the music National Curriculum for England and, in a focused and fun way, we make sure the boys' love for music becomes almost palpable. Every single class in the school receive two half-hour lessons of class music a week, in which we develop understanding of classroom musical instruments, musical elements and music notation. We appraise several pieces of music in different styles and forms from instrumental, classical and opera to rap, hip hop and folk music. Improvising and composing also make a key part of our musical journey.

Singing is another big part of music at our school. We sing at least once every day at school with others (assemblies or during class). We offer extra opportunities to develop our singing skills through choir groups during the school time and a choir club after school. We work on 'singing with intelligence', in other words, singing with the understanding of what we are singing about.

We always aim for high standards in music performance and the boys always deliver thanks to their passion for music.

Prep School

Music tuition follows directly from the teaching of the Pre-Prep department. All music lessons, both class and individual, are taught by music specialists.

The boys are taught a variety of genres and techniques. They frequently play in class ensembles whilst developing skills that they are working on. Within the class lessons the boys learn about the history of music, how to read it, and how to play together. These  elements will all ultimately build towards the GCSE exam.

All the boys learn how to play the recorder, which is a fabulous way to introduce them to ensemble playing whilst learning to read music. They enjoy learning from a very jolly book, Red Hot Recorders, by Sarah Watts, with other pieces put into the mix too.

Boys are encouraged to perform on their individual instruments as frequently as possible. They can perform to their own class in a music lesson or in a whole school music assembly. They can play in their own year group recital or in the whole school concert at the end of the summer term.

Singing is a vital part of Prep music and each boy is encouraged to work on this to the best of his ability. They sing in every assembly and also have a house singing competition each spring term. All the boys take part in this and really enjoy themselves.


  • Wind band
  • Brass band
  • School orchestra
  • Years 7 and 8 band
  • Junior vocal ensemble*
  • Vocal ensemble*
  • School choir

*By audition