Science informs and enriches our lives every second of every hour of every day, often in ways that we do not see and in ways that we do not understand.

One of the many joys of studying science is that we can begin a lifelong journey of discovery that encourages us to find things out for ourselves, become aware of the world around us and be absorbed and captivated by the wonders of the universe.

The Pre-Prep's science syllabus provides a broad but comprehensive experience of primary science that systematically covers the objectives of the National Curriculum. From early on in their schooling through fun investigations we encourage our boys to work scientifically, investigate and question throughout their science journey.

Scientific areas covered in the Pre-Prep include: humans and other animals, plants and habitats, materials including rocks and soils, and magnets and forces. Each topic provides opportunities for children to have fun while meeting the full range of scientific investigative approaches including pattern seeking, exploring, problem solving and fair testing while also learning to talk effectively in groups and linking scientific ideas to evidence.

Prep School

Science department staff feel fortunate to be responsible for teaching one of the most exhilarating subjects in the school curriculum. Science is a thrilling and engrossing discipline that embraces every aspect of modern life.

In the junior years, boys receive two hours of science lessons a week. This increases to three hours a week in the senior school.

The Science department strives to foster each boy's sense of wonder about how things work and why man has always had a thirst for knowledge. Learning opportunities are varied and we aim to stimulate an enjoyment of science as a subject. Boys gain a clear understanding of scientific methods and the importance of obtaining accurate experimental results while being aware of the safety requirements when doing practical experiments.

What we teach

Boys are taught to use scientific ideas and models to explain phenomena and to understand the applications of science in the world around them. They are encouraged to develop an awareness of the environmental, global and social impact of technological developments. They develop an ability to evaluate scientific evidence, an understanding of the importance of experimental evidence in the formation of scientific ideas and the ability to communicate these ideas in the modern world. We aim to teach boys the importance of having a deep respect for the natural world and how each and every one of us has an obligation to use to Earth's resources responsibly.