Academic excellence at Eaton House The Manor is matched by an extraordinarily broad co-curricular provision.

At Eaton House The Manor we believe in a broad, rich education, that encourages boys to develop skills and character traits which will play just as important a part in their future happiness and success as their academic education. Through music, art, drama, and sport, through charitable endeavours, and through our programme of visiting speakers, clubs and trips, we hope to find and nurture new passions and strengths which allow the boys to enjoy their hobbies, take a break from their academic studies, and provide food for the soul and mind.

Through our co-curricular programme, and focus on the creative arts, we give the boys the opportunity to develop resilience, exercise their imagination, work as part of a team, learn consideration for others first hand and develop many of the softer skills which will be the key to future success, well-being and happiness.

Whether the boys are climbing a mountain or joining our very own Cub Scout pack, they will learn to problem-solve, communicate effectively with their peers, support others and gain a genuine sense of purposefulness which will help them grow into outstanding citizens of the future.