Destination Schools

This year's results are outstanding; the proportion of scholarship entries awarded to top senior schools was one of the highest we have ever had. We are immensely proud of our leavers and all the offers they received, despite the most challenging year with much of the year in lockdown.

All the familiar favourites are on this year's destinations list: Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Tonbridge, Westminster, St Paul's, and King's College Wimbledon, to name just a few.

Our boys leave us as confident, considerate, outward-looking, self-motivated young men who are excited to embrace the challenges of senior school and ready to take advantage of everything on offer to them. We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of each boy and our close relationship with parents as we work together to navigate the senior schools journey.

Mrs Segrave has a close relationship with an extensive list of outstanding senior schools and will advise parents about all the advantages each can offer their son. Ensuring parents have the correct information about schools helps parents make informed decisions about the right school for their son and how the admissions process will work.

Parents are invited to our Senior School's Information Evening. Mrs Segrave will talk to the parents about the different admissions processes and what parents need to be doing at certain points in the coming few years. She will also cover useful tips when first starting to explore future schools. She will often be joined by a guest speaker, usually the head of admissions of a senior school, who provides parents with a further information on the admissions process from a senior school's perspective.

Vitally, parents must visit as many schools as possible for either private tours or open days so that they are able to get a real feel for what will suit their son and family. Parents will be invited to discuss their possible choices with Mrs Segrave with the aim of starting to narrow the selection down.


Pre-tests and interviews

Pre-tests and interviews are used by both day and boarding schools, and these largely occur in Year 6. There is currently a period of change in the 13+ common entrance landscape with a number of top senior schools moving to confirmed places at the Year 6 pre-test point. Mrs Segrave is at the forefront of this development and has met with Westminster and St Paul's together to hear what changes they will be making in this area.

As the boys approach their assessments we ensure they have all the required skills and techniques required for every assessment. Individual meetings with each boy helps prepare them for their chosen schools, along with practice papers, interview sessions and specific guidance for the different schools they are applying to. A large number of our boys are entered for scholarships. These boys are expertly supported and prepared by our outstanding and highly experienced subject specialists. 

See below for some information about a few of our destination schools and places accepted in 2021:


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