Meet The Heads


Mrs Nicola Borthwick


Mrs Sarah Segrave

Mrs Nicola Borthwick, Headmistress of Eaton House The Manor Pre-Preparatory School, which takes boys from 4-8, and Mrs Sarah Segrave, Headmistress of Eaton House The Manor Preparatory School, which takes boys from 8-13, work together very closely, creating a seamless transition from Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep to the Prep.



Mrs Nicola Borthwick has been headmistress of Eaton House The Manor Pre-Preparatory School since 2017. She graduated from Durham University with a BA (Hons) in Education in 1998 and has been part of the Eaton House The Manor family since 1999. This is her third leadership role within the Eaton House Groups of Schools, having previously been Head of Eaton House The Manor Nursery and Deputy Head of Eaton House The Manor Girls' School.

Mrs Borthwick is married to Michael. They have two children who were both educated at Eaton House The Manor Girls' School.

Developing a lifelong love of learning for the boys is Mrs Borthwick's ultimate goal. She firmly believes that it is no coincidence that children learn best when they feel happy and secure. She aims to recognise all the boys as individuals, understanding what makes them tick and nurturing their talents. This policy ensures that they always feels known and valued and able to do their best.

In the classroom, Mrs Borthwick wants the boys to have fun, to be imaginative and creative, and to develop their passions within a wide curriculum. Beyond the school day, the extensive Pre-Prep after-school clubs provision is something she greatly supports.

Mrs Borthwick recognises that exceptional teachers are the key to providing a supportive academic environment, challenging every boy and enabling him to reach his full potential.

Above all, she believes in encouraging boys to think independently and to be confident, developing a strong sense of responsibility to those around them. This will help prepare them to be exemplary citizens in a rapidly changing world.



Mrs Sarah Segrave has been headmistress of Eaton House The Manor Prep School and director of education for the Eaton House Schools Group since 2016. She was educated at Cranbrook School in Kent before moving on to Durham University, where she gained her BA (Ed) in Education. Following that, she attended The Institute of Education in London, where she gained an MA in History.

Mrs Segrave is married to Nick, who is the IT manager for Eaton House Schools, and they have two children, both at Eaton House The Manor. She joined the school in 1993 as a history and Latin teacher, before taking on the headship of Eaton House The Manor Pre-Preparatory School in 2001, and Eaton House The Manor Girls' School in 2008.

According to Mrs Segrave, an outstanding education is one where teachers are emotionally connected with their pupils and where the relationships between the staff, pupils and parents are bound in a common sense of purpose. She wants Eaton House The Manor to combine rigorous academics with a warm and happy atmosphere.

It is of vital importance to her that every boy is known and noticed and for all the boys to 'look up and out' and play an active role in the school and wider community.