Pastoral Care

Exceptional pastoral care is central to the life of Eaton House The Manor Boys' School. We believe that happy and confident boys perform better and recognise that happy minds are essential for children's well-being.

Building confidence and self-belief with an emphasis on positive feedback and rewards is intrinsic in all we do. There is a strong culture of teachers and parents working together to ensure pupils' welfare; our open-door policy means that parents can feel fully involved from the outset.

Our friendly teaching staff are excellent role models and are the first point of contact for our pupils and parents. Every boy is known and championed, which means that we soon learn to understand what makes him tick as an individual. We understand his interests and his ambitions and we aim to light a spark to help him fuel them. We believe that with the right level of welfare every boy can find his passion and learn to excel in his chosen area. With our support, boys grow in self-belief and maturity.

Kindergarten boys are invited to a new boys' tea in the term before they start school, giving them the opportunity to meet their teacher and ensure a smooth transition from their nursery school. Our buddy system helps to integrate the newest boys into the school from the very beginning. The youngest boys are paired with the oldest boys, which helps to promote friendship and foster a greater sense of belonging and a more inclusive school community.

Beyond the form teacher, a well-established house system provides the overarching structure for effective and consistent pastoral care. On entry boys join one of four houses (Arundel, Balmoral, Stirling or Windsor). Siblings are automatically placed in the same house, allowing whole families to support individual houses at school events.

Our housemistresses and housemasters hold regular house meetings and there are various special house events throughout the year, which include many competitions and challenges in music, sport and other subjects.

The head of house is an important figure in a boy’s life and someone he can turn to for guidance and support as well as noticing the positive impact that he is having as part of his house team and rewarding him accordingly.

These child-focused activities and support structures are the foundations of our excellent pastoral care, ensuring that the years spent at Eaton House The Manor are happy and inspiring, enabling every boy to fulfil his potential, both academically and socially.