Performing Arts


At Eaton House The Manor the wide range of performance opportunities enables boys to share their talents with the community. There is a strong emphasis on participation, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to shine and showcase what they have learned in their lessons.

Drama is an essential part of school life, and is integral to developing the boys' social and speaking skills. Weekly drama lessons are interactive and engaging and allow the boys to build confidence in a safe and fun environment. The boys are given the opportunity to perform in class assemblies, theatre productions, music concerts and the annual poetry recital competition.

Drama lessons at school are complemented by our well-established and popular drama club. There, boys learn vocal and acting techniques, improve their performance on stage and simply have fun.

Music is also a hugely important part of school life. An early love of music is fostered in twice-weekly music lessons taught by the head of music. During lessons the younger boys learn about rhythm, percussion and making sounds and as they progress through the school so does their musical awareness and competence as they learn and practise more sophisticated music playing and music appreciation.

There are many opportunities for boys to sing and play together in various choirs and musical ensembles and it is a great way to extend the breadth and sensitivity of musicianship. Frequent concerts of varying degrees of formality take place each term, to give as many children as possible performance opportunities, whatever their ability.

Singing is a regular feature of daily assemblies and as well as singing lessons there are plenty of opportunities for spontaneous musical expression in class, a highlight being the annual house singing competition. Specialist teachers are available to teach the boys in a range of instruments, from piano, violin and wind instruments to drums, guitar and many more. Many of the boys play instruments and achieve a high standard in their chosen instrument.

Parents at Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep enjoy school performances of an exceptionally high standard in our state-of-the-art theatre, complete with lavish costumes, production, sound, lighting and technical effects.