In the summer term athletics runs alongside cricket.

All the boys participate in athletics and perform running, jumping and throwing events which they learn in their PE lessons and which culminate in the annual sports day event towards the end of the summer term, in which all the boys take part.

In addition to the running, jumping and throwing events, a number of the boys will also be involved in house-based events such as the tug of war and the relays.

We usually enter a number of athletics meetings which usually involve a large number of prep schools from around the southeast region. We regularly gain success at these competitions, with our senior teams winning the Tonbridge and Epsom prep school competitions.

Some old boys from Eaton House have gone on to great success:

  • Henry Johnstone, who broke all the sprint records at Wellington and ran for the county
  • Jude Russell, who performed hurdles and high jump for Surrey at the Nationals