Other Sports

Throughout the year the boys have the opportunity to be involved in a number of other sports and competitions.

The philosophy of the PE department at Eaton House is to offer as wide a variety of sport as possible to give equip the boys with a multitude of skills that can be applied across a range of sports.

In the spring term the boys get a chance to participate in cross-country both in lessons and in running club. All the boys run in the annual Prep School cross-country event held towards the end of the spring term. The better and more enthusiastic runners go on to compete for the school in a number of cross-country events. The boys have achieved great success at many of these cross-country meetings.

In the summer term, boys who enjoy tennis can be part of the Eaton House The Manor tennis teams and can expect to play in three or four tennis fixtures over the course of the summer term.

In addition to the curriculum PE and games, the junior boys participate in swimming lessons and karate lessons on Monday mornings. These lessons are on a curriculum carousel, so all the Year 4 and Year 5 boys will get an equal amount of exposure to both activities. The swimming lessons are held at the Latchmere Leisure Centre and the karate takes place at the school.

The PE department consists of two full-time staff and part-time staff, all of whom have a lot of experience and expertise in a wide variety of sports. The PE staff are also ably supported by class and subject teachers on games afternoons.

The Manor can justly say it has a unique climate of sport for a Pre-Prep. Sport pervades all aspects of school life and the boys have an unquenching thirst for it. They take both the broad range of the sports they are exposed to, and the depth to which we develop them at such a young age, absolutely in their stride.  Boys take part in football, cross-country, basketball, dodgeball, tag rugby, gymnastics, hockey, swimming, cricket and athletics, to name just some. Our boys have weekly PE, games and swimming lessons (from Year 2) as well as enjoying various sports clubs and squads. We work on the basis that the more the boys put in, the more they get out.

We aim to foster a love of being active and ensure we cater to all our boys, including those of high ability. Our ethos is to build the boys physically, mentally and emotionally through our PE programme with character development taking just as much precedence as skill acquisition. House sport gives plenty of opportunity for competitive play and takes place throughout the year. Fixtures are also organised with a variety of schools in a range of sports and by Year 3 our boys are representing the school at fixtures on a regular basis.