In the spring term we turn our attention to rugby, a chance for the boys to get 'down and dirty'.

This will be the first time that the Year 4 boys will have played contact rugby and during their games lessons and squad sessions we pay special attention to learning the correct technique of tackling so that they are well prepared for school matches.

We also pay close attention to the core skills of handling and passing the ball, a theme which runs through all of the age groups. The RFU have adapted schoolboy rugby hugely in recent years so as to make it a safe and inclusive game, open to everyone who wants to play. We make sure at Eaton House that we adhere very closely to the RFU rules throughout all of the age groups.

The junior boys will continue to play small-sided matches of five, six or seven teams as will the year six boys in their games sessions. The Year 7 and Year 8 boys start to play the more expansive form of rugby comprising  nine, twelve or thirteen players.

Successes in rugby have included Dominic Vincent, who was selected for the Surrey development squad whilst playing in year 8 for Eaton House. We have also had successes at local tournaments across the age groups.