Destination Schools

Ensuring the successful transition of all our pupils through to their senior schools is vital and all our head teachers are extremely experienced in the steps and processes required. We will discuss future schools with parents from very early and ensure that we are all preparing the pupils for the next exciting steps in their education.

Every child is different and therefore we do not limit the schools we feed to. We have one of the widest ranges of top London day and boarding schools as destinations for our pupils. As a significant part of the heads' roles, they continue to build strong relationships with more schools every year to ensure the best possible choice for our pupils.

The standard exit point for our girls is at 11+, whilst our boys stay on until 13+, following Common Entrance Exams. As the landscape for 13+ Common Entrance enters a period of change our head teachers are at the forefront of these developments with the top senior schools. Their outstanding expertise and knowledge ensure they are able to guide and advise parents on the admission processes for senior schools.

In all schools parents will be invited to attend our Senior School’s Information Evening, where we also invite heads from top senior school to talk about the admissions process. For this academic year we will be hosting our first senior schools fair where all the top schools will be present to meet parents and discuss their schools and admissions processes.

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