Eaton House The Manor Virtual Map

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Map Points

Cubs Room - Ground Floor
Bears Room - Ground Floor
Boys' Pre-Prep School
Boys' ICT - Ground Floor
Boys' Pre-Prep Library - Ground Floor & First Floor
Boys' Pre-Prep Music - Ground floor
Boys' Prep School
Boys' Prep Library - Ground floor
Boys' Prep ICT - First Floor
Boys' Prep Music - Second Floor
Girls' School
Girls' School Music - Ground Floor
Girls' School Library - Basement
Girls' School ICT - Basement
Boys' Prep Art - Third Floor
DT Room - Ground Floor
Hawkins Lab - Ground Floor
Dining Hall - Basement
Franklin Lab - Ground Floor
Darwin Lab - Ground Floor
Astroturf Play Area
Theatre Ground Floor
Gym - Ground Floor
Sports Hall - Basement
Top Playground
Girls' Playground
Pre-Prep Playground