Wellbeing Podcast

Our wellbeing podcast series kicked off in October 2020, and every other month we discuss topics which are of interest to our Eaton House community:

Episode V - Runsome

Running enthusiast, Technique Coach and Eaton House mum, Jules Scudder joins us for this episode of our Eaton House Podcast. Jules takes the time to speak to us about her role as Running Mayor of Clapham and shares an abundance of practical tips and advice for getting the whole family running or moving, regardless of resources and fitness levels. If you’re keen to find out more Jules has shared the links below to help us all get started on our running journey.

Get Involved




Running and Mental Health




Episode IV - Pets

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Eaton House Wellbeing Podcast. We are joined by owner of Home From Home Kennels, dog trainer and all round dog expert, Dave Kearney. Dave speaks to us about the joys of owning a pet and why he has chosen to spend his working life and so much of his free time with ‘man’s best friend’. Dave runs kennels with a difference, where dogs spend the vast majority of their day in open paddocks socialising with other dogs or taking long country walks. Dave also trains working dogs, domestic dogs and show dogs.

To find out more about kennelling services, training or (phone/online) consultations about the right dog for your family feel free to visit the Home From Home website: homefromhomekennels.com/

Episode III - Supplements

Many thanks for choosing to listen to our third Eaton House podcast episode. This time we are joined by an expert in the field of nutrition, Dr. Elaine Drummond. Elaine studied Food Science in UCD, Dublin and then completed a PhD in nutrition looking at the benefits of anti-inflammatory polyphenols (plant compounds like Resveratrol). She lives in California now and works in the field of supplements. She enjoys diving into the latest research and translating this into relatable terms. Throughout this podcast Elaine made some excellent recommendations and suggests a website called www.Examine.comwhich breaks down all the scientific studies on a supplement, if you are interested in doing some research yourself. For more general guidance and advice you can check the www.NHS.uk website and use their search function to read lots of articles relating to specific supplements and stages of life. If you would like some more bespoke advice on your supplement plan Elaine is happy to be contacted directly on: elainedrummond8@gmail.com

Episode II - Life in Lockdown

In this edition of the Eaton House Schools Podcast we hear from the Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy of Eaton House the Manor Prep. They have taken the time to share with us some of the things they are finding challenging about life in lockdown, as well as some of their top tips for enjoying this time and looking forward to life after these restrictions. We hope you all keep safe, well and happy.

Eaton House Schools · EHS Wellbeing Podcast - Episode II - Life In Lockdown

Episode I - Living with Breast Cancer

Our Head of Wellbeing, Paula Kearney, was joined by two members of the Eaton House Community to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month with a conversation about their personal experience from diagnosis to recovery. Jayne McGowan is the Head of Music at Eaton House Belgravia and was the first in her family to receive a breast cancer diagnosis and went through the treatment with the love and support of friends and her partner. Lola Cavanilles, a young mother of four, tells her remarkable story of positivity and parenting throughout cancer treatment and the real need for people of all ages to be aware of the disease and to take early signs seriously. We hope this conversation helps to spark further conversations amongst friends and family of Eaton House Schools. With raised awareness there is the likelihood of further research and therefore the inevitability of saved lives.