Nutrition & Exercise

Before reading on it’s important to point out that the below information is by no means a set of rules or expectations. It is particularly important at this time to recognise that the rules are; there are no rules. If we’re getting through each day we’re doing enough. This information is just for the sake of general interest and to give us something to draw from if we’re looking for something to do.

Some ideas to get us started:

  1. Why not get outside to exercise while we can, perhaps to the same local park each day or even our garden (if we are fortunate enough to have one). Try to notice one new thing each day to keep it interesting and feeling like a brand new experience.
  2. Make good use of all of the amazing free resources online at the moment. While the children are starting their school day you can be enjoying Joe Wicks on YouTube or you can all catch up together later. Yoga with Adriene is also another great go-to on YouTube for any level and for whatever time you might have to spare.
  3. Try a new food or an entirely new recipe once a week. With certain ingredients being quite tough to get a hold of this could be just the right time to get creative with what’s left in your cupboard and the back of your fridge. Feel free to share successes and (especially!) failures with us to give us inspiration and laughs. Try here  and here for some inspiration about using up what’s in your pantry or here for using up what’s in your freezer.
  4. Try getting involved in some online cook-a-longs. Every Friday Roz Purcell does one on her Natural Born Feeder Instagram page. It’s usually something fairly simple that can be done with the children and enjoyed by everyone.
  5. If you’ve had enough of cooking, order a take away from a nearby restaurant and count it as an act of kindness. You are supporting a small local business after all.
  6. Don’t forget that sleep is an important part of our general health. Try to make the most of this time to develop a healthy sleep pattern and if you no longer have to commute, why not stay in bed a little while longer to make sure you’ve got your 8-9 hours when you can.

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