Eaton House Belgravia is based on traditional values, but it is also forward thinking, using a creative blend of teaching and the latest in modern technology to inspire the boys.

We encourage all our pupils to strive and persevere to do their best and are firmly of the opinion that boys do blossom academically at different rates. Our boys throw themselves enthusiastically into school life and the many opportunities that it has to offer and we aim to make the years that they spend at Eaton House Belgravia both happy and inspiring.

Every boy has the opportunity to fulfil his potential and to develop self-confidence through learning, exploration and being inquisitive. We believe that the journey for life starts here.

We develop and nurture intellectual curiosity and produce independent, fluid thinkers across a range of artistic and sporting pursuits. Our boys are encouraged to work well in teams, to embrace leadership when it is required and to strongly support their House and their form and to contribute positively to school life. Boys who perform well in this respect win merits and ‘colours’, which mark outstanding achievements academically, artistically, musically or in sport.

Our aim is to encourage boys to be confident and full of self-belief and we do this with a system of positive feedback and rewards. We believe that the welfare of every child is paramount and that every boy excels at something. It follows that when a boy succeeds he should be noticed and rewarded.

Boys are encouraged to try everything, to be aware of the world around them, to have an opinion, to listen to others, to adapt, to be confident, to persevere, to learn from their mistakes, to be responsible, to make good choices, to be kind and considerate and to look after each other.

We are preparing boys for their future and we aim to open their eyes to the challenging world in which they live, while filling them with confidence about what a huge difference they can make. We want them to be ambitious for themselves and for the fellow pupils in their House, to involve and immerse themselves in all the educational and extracurricular opportunities at Eaton House, including our after-school club programme.

Pastoral care is extremely important to us as we believe that happy minds make happy children. We encourage boys to strive and persevere to do their best in their studies and to develop into well-rounded young men, respectful of each other and aware of their responsibilities.

We pride ourselves on an open dialogue with parents and work with them to make sure that each boy leaves Eaton House Belgravia with good friends and lifelong happy memories.

Overall, our aim is to provide every boy with the best education possible, empowering him to meet his next destination successfully, whether it is a top London school such as Westminster, St Paul’s or Dulwich College, or a boarding school outside London, such as Eton, Tonbridge or Marlborough.


Our Aspiration For Success and the Future

Laying the foundation for today’s children to be successful adults of tomorrow, who contribute purposefully to society and the world around them.



Our Culture and Character

We are a warm and welcoming family of schools that embody traditional values with a modern perspective. We provide a safe, caring, and inspirational learning environment that enables every child to flourish academically, culturally, and socially. We are ambitious for every child and take an individual approach to support the child’s development and wellbeing. We embrace our community of pupils, parents, and staff with a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Our Christian Ethos

We are a non-denominational Christian school and base much of our wider ethos, aims and values on the traditional values of the Christian faith. Children will attend church services at Christmas time and for Harvest Festival. Prayer and singing of hymns are also an integral part of school assemblies. We are, however, committed to a fully inclusive and diverse school environment and welcome families of any faith.



Our Purpose and Primary Objectives

  • To provide an academically rigorous and broad education that encourages pupils to achieve the very best in all they do and develop knowledgeable and reflective young people
  • To nurture each child’s gifts and talents, enabling them to access a wide range of future opportunities
  • To care for every child, ensuring they feel noticed and known, placing their wellbeing at the heart of everything we do and developing compassionate and empathetic individuals
  • To embed a culture that promotes a love of learning, where every child develops the confidence to embrace new experiences, learn from mistakes
    and take measured risks
  • To have a vibrant and inclusive community, where pupils, parents and staff enjoy close and supportive relationships and have a sense of belonging and shared purpose



How We Deliver Our Aims and Vision

  • We are curios and brave
  • We act with kindness and respect
  • We seek adventure and fun
  • We value ourselves and each other
  • We are determined and bounce back
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